Yogis, Enlightened Earth Dwellers, Ascension Masters, Joy Seekers, Burners, Momma Gaia Supporters, Freedom Junkies, Earth Angels, 3D Fairies…. this is for you and me and actually everybody!

I can honestly only write about this touchy subject, because this used to be me.

I breathed and bathed in it:

Deeply anchored in my being was a belief so deep and conditioned that to this day I struggle to see beyond it at times.

You see I thought; no correction held onto my truth of: I can’t do this with children!

I can’t be rising to find me while changing diapers and being covered in spit up and poop.

I won’t conform to society’s standing principle of “a women’s worth through her ability to bear children”

I won’t have enough time to do things that matter to me like traveling and exploring while sipping Masala Chai and meditating in a cave or doing Puja after Puja.

I won’t be able to work my light like I’m called to because my children need me.

I’ll be busy processing, healing, transmuting and transforming and kids simply get in the way of it.

The thought of the inconvenience of these small, messy and unpredictable beings was too much to bear.

The inconvenience of having the carefully crafted spiritual mask slip.

To have the costume of enlightenment lifted.


Was I ever in the dark. Walking with one foot on a cloud covered surface made up of judgement and prejudice about myself and the world as it is and then on the contrary: trying to inject my own manufactured reality to mold everything around me into a warm fuzzy place consisting of nothing but positive affirmations and daily cocoa ceremonies.

All the while forgetting to remember what really matters and why am I here. To be able to arrive at a place where kindness and a tender heart coupled with a softened being ness and a damn down to earth grounded in the mud of the lotus kinda attitude.

It took me having to have children!

They literally showed me a different dimension and initiate me into several each day.

Children are a great gift, a miracle in fact.

My children were the greatest gifts to me once I got my spiritual self out of my arse and understood that these little masters are teachers.

They ground, support and gift me with their undeniable wisdom, earth shattering honestly and god forbid daily trigger pointers that hit like a Nerf gun right where it hurts the most.

So, I am not saying have children or don’t.

In fact, I wasn’t ready to have any for a long time. The me me me ego trap was alive and well in me and with it the fact that I needed to go through a thorough inspection of the ouchies that kept me from being open to them in the first place.

How could I let my precious childhood memories roam free when all I could mostly remember was pain and sorrow, screaming, betrayal, neglect, abandonment and punishment.

I guess what I am trying to say is: if we, as a collective stay clear of kids in such a cut throat way that inner child inside inside us is screaming loader than words can describe.

Here is the invitation for our true growth, without the spiritual kaftan pulled right over our eyes.

What if this is it?

What if I dig deep and get right to it?

There is room, lots of room for improvement for all of us and there is no better time to get triggered by this than now.

I pray that I stand tall and hip deep in the mud of my own shadow again and again. Remembering the fine line of being humble and confident. Gentle and strong. I pray that I may continue to be catalyzed into a more open hearted, soft human ready to give and receive equally.

I pray for the vulnerability and openness to receive and support the elders, the children and the four legged ones and all men and women with a humble heart. May I be a lighthouse in this sometimes challenging world and shine my unique light where it’s needed most.

Let’s do this šŸ™ŒšŸ¼

Namaste šŸ™šŸ¼

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