When we started traveling, we were in unison that it would be the wings of spirit that would carry us through this journey, not our monkey mind driven ego with an agenda and a distinct plan on where to go when.

Having said that, it is that: a journey!

We took a huge leap of faith. When we set sail, we knew Bali was first on the list of places to anchor in.

We tentatively booked a month, then another and finally another two. Bali simply didn’t let us go . 

Lessons weren’t finished yet, people we were supposed to meet, were not available and finally we all had to go through a final physical purge.

The reason I am even touching on this subject : many friends, people we have met and family have asked: Do you have a plan? Where are you going next? What about the kids? What about school? 

So to answer some of your burning questions:

No, we don’t have a plan. Our mind has ideas, but we revert back to the heart and with that, spirit. We just found out now, that our next stop needs to be New Zealand. Through listening in silence and the clues that the universe drops for us we are guided to where is next. 
Our kids? They are teaching us to live in the present. When we ask them what they enjoyed most the day before, the answer most certainly always is: I don’t remember mommy. Why do you want to know daddy?Why? They are living in the now and truly don’t really care to remember the day before. Our kids are our biggest teachers and they are open, living in the heart, following their bliss kind of examples that what we are doing is good for them and us.

What about school? The world teaches all of us a whole lot. Learning on the go is such a beautiful experience. We build in time for creativity, learning about what interests them and what engages them and if it so happens that we find a resonating school on the way, then yahoo. We’ll take that too!

Well, the old paradigm let’s us to believe that we need a plan for everything. A plan for tomorrow, a plan for our next phase, next destination, how we go about life in pretty much every single way and every single moment. 

The new paradigm is teaching us, that the only moment that truly ever exists is NOW. That to arrive fresh and spontaneous in the moment let’s us live a life of Devine guidance, joy and bliss. To be free without really having any clue about what is next, is true freedom and our innate nature. 
Otherwise we are so busy making plans and forgetting that our precious life could be gone in the very next moment. We plan and plan our life away and when we finally get to look back, our life is over.

What I have learned so far during this journey is: when you decide to let yourself be divinely guided, your mind will try and come in. With ideas, control, rebellion, opposition, nagging, belittling and much more.

It’s ok. It’s alright to let it be. To just listen. To not engage! 

These are the words I tell myself every day. A sweet reminder of what my heart wants and engaging me as a translator.

Here’s my sweet and short 1.2.3. On how to stay present in an overstimulated world.

1. Meditate! Even if it’s 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. The key is consistency. Stay with it and you’ll be greatly rewarded with a calmer mind and stronger sense of calm and balance

2. Spend time in solitude! Yes, time alone is deeply undervalued and absolutely nessasary to stay centered, grounded and in harmony. Schedule time out with yourself by yourself and try to do so without distraction. No phone. No music. No reading. No nothing. Just you, space and time.

3. Get active! And preferably in nature. Getting the blood pumping and everything moving is oh so good to get out of the head and into the moment. Find something that you love and enjoy every minute of it. My personal fave is hiking by myself and meditating at the same time…Bam 3 in 1 

Off I go now, much love to you loves 🙏🏼

Don’t forget to smile today 

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