Wow, wow & wow! Even as I am writing this I can feel the black and white. The light and dark. Literally! My physical, emotional and energetic self ache from the inner work I have grown through in the past months. As a family, we have grown miles it feels like. Epic revaluation about life, purpose, intent, love and passion. 

Everyday, something new arises, waiting to be taking seriously, felt and reflected upon.

As I took my daughter to school this morning, scooter riding through the ricefields, narrow winding roads passing villages and the buzzing city of Ubud, I found myself in a state of wonder, confusion and flux. The mirror that looked back at me at that moment felt almost unreal.

I took in the sweetness of the Balinese children playing on the streets, flying kites, chasing dogs or chickens. As I lifted my gaze to let the early morning sun warm my face and with it melting away any tension and stress, the wind gently blowing through my hair and I sensed everything moving further and further away. Expectations, ideals, questions, answers, past and present. It all seized to be in that moment.

Until…..I saw men and children stabbing a hog to death. In the middle of the street. Right in front of me. I was in complete and utter shock. Joy and laughter filled the air as they ramed the knife deeper.  A gutteral cry of the animal cut through the air, that now smelt like smoke, death and betrayal. The huge pig dropped to the ground, rolled to the side. That was it! 

I felt my heart beating out of my chest and tried to scream but every ounce of my voice was gone. All I could do was cry. An emptiness filled my soul, that two minutes ago was full of gratitude, joy and laughter.

When innocent, beautiful, smart animals are hurt, I die with them. 

Quickly I sent prayers of mercy and love out into the universe as I tried to keep it together, on the scooter. I wept silently, as I pondered life and it’s value. 

And again: here I was in the middle of stark contrast that Bali offeres so eloquently on every street corner, rice field, temple, villa, waterfall, beach, warung, yoga studio or village.

Bali, oh Bali! I love you so, you have forever stolen my heart. But when and where can we move on up and into a higher state of consciousness, where the connection is made?  The connection of life and value? Loving kindness and oneness?

When can we stop hurting, torturing and exploiting animals: may it be for money, pleasure, gaming, ceremonial sacrifice, food, power….?

When can we connect the dots and see that all life is valuable and needs to be honored, appreciated and protected?

When can we stop poisoning the rivers, oceans and all waters with trash, plastic and debris? Water is life and therefore sacred.

It doesn’t stop here. 

Mother Bali has her way. She is the Island of Gods, of light and dark. The contrast is so evident here, it’s almost unbelievable. 

Everything that resides in the three dimensional, moves on Bali time and has its own agenda. 

Everything involving energy, creation, manifestation and inspiration moves in 5 dimensional time or higher.

It’s mind boggling! 

Bring it on, say the yogis self proclaimed enlightened warriors, sages and light beings that seek salvation here. And, they are met with growth. Instant, that is. 

Who enters this ever so power filled space with an open mind and heart, as my yoga teacher and Bali Priestess Luh Manis puts it, is met with unmeasurable insight and opportunity for growth. 

The one who just comes for vacation is met with a different kind of Bali. One that halts and stumbles and doesn’t let you see the true flavor and purpose of her deep and unraveling nature.

Mother Bali is it all, if you are ready for her.
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