It’s in the present moment you find the courage. The way of the ways.

Where you make the connection of you and me and everything that holds the string of the manifestested, connecting back to the source of it all.

The light that moves within each and everyone to remind us of the douality that is created only here and seizes to exist beyond form, where all melts into one and love is life.

The war inside, it disappears and crumbles when you sit to listen.

Releasing all strings to the past and not grasping the future, here we are now in this one and only moment in time.

Here it lies, the miracle of it all.

As my hand moves over my cheek in a half wake, half drunken state of inconceivable sadness, I notice the wetness that my tears left behind. A gentle reminder of that very fleeting moment.

We are here in this only moment, to remember that it’s all there is.

So, as the community of communities. Loving and gentle, weaving together the pieces of misunderstanding and perceived realities that hang on to no threat, let’s breathe through each nostril the life that holds us all together. 

The form, the dharma, the teaching, the breath. Let’s weave it all into one.

Gate Gate Paragate! Parasamgate! Bodhi Svaha! 

Prajña Heart Sutra

In Remembrance and gratitude to a great teacher and human being 

by Nicole C. Seeger

Thank you Michael Stone

Here is the official statement that was realeased regarding Michael’s sudden passing 

When I met Michael last year during an evening retreat in Vancouver, he left such an impact on me with his sincere and accurate teachings.

The combination of Buddhism, Yoga and activism he shared was a heart opening and deepening experience I will be grateful forever. I was completely unaware with his struggles of bi-polar disease.

I’m in both shock and disbelief that such a great soul left this world so soon.

My heart goes out to his family and community that has spread all over the world

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