When we decided to leave our western structured 9-5 lifestyle behind, we had a rough plan or so we thought. It was about combining world schooling with traveling and giving back. 

Life has a funny way of showing us what’s important though. I get a chuckle out of our own purposely planned first week in crazy busy environments, only to launch ourselves off to one of the most remote and far away places in south east Asia. The old Bali from 30 years ago.

I guess deep down we knew that we needed to commit to resting first and foremost after all that stress we put ourselves through. Oh dear growth spurts, you are welcome to take a break.

Life unfolds when you’re busy making other plans anyway, so why not chill and let it flow?!

It was exhausting, that life we left behind.

Obligations, schedules, rules and regulations, routines and must do’s and haves….its an endless list. Just before I left, my naturopath diagnosed me with adrenal exhaustion among other health hiccups. Since then I have educated myself on the subject and made the not so surprising discovery that about 80% of western civilization suffers from the very same thing that made me say: Enough is enough!

I have left the 9-5 workforce 10 years ago, yes I have worked a bit here and there, but my kids were always priority and with that a new definition of work. Being there for my small kids 24/7 also took its toll.

I’m fortunate to have an engaged and caring hubby, who let me off the hook quite a bit. Yet, the last 8 years have left a deep imprint on my physical, emotional and mental body.

Turns out our kids were tired out as well.

Even in them I could see how their schooldays coupled with activities, playdates and an endles list of to do’s grew them weary.


Often I heard Aviana’s words echoing: “Mommy, why do we always hurry? Why do we need to run? Why are we late?”

Raphael in the other hand freaked out about being late, not good enough and always being in a rush.

Be still my heart as I weep. It took me a while to figure it out. She mirrored my inner wise woman while Raphael scared the crap out of me when he grew more and more anxious about completing demands and perfecting himself. He lived my inner most fear right in front of my eyes. 

Internally,  gut wrenching guilt overcame me on a regular basis. If I could only make the days longer and the nights shorter. Everything in me churned and finally I gave up. The constant drive to dot all the i’s and to cross all the t’s. 

I was tired and exasperated and my body spoke for it.

Just being on Bali for 8 days I forget about the time of day, the day, the week and yes even the year. 

We are timeless beings pressed into a cookie cutter form of everything that emprisons us and slowly but surely conditiones us into robots, producing results for the top 2% watching and working us like marionettes.

I never forget that single moment, when I realized that I was just as part of that as anyone else: it was an earth shattering wake up call.

And then there is the entitlement. Entitlement to have a first class education, healthcare, perfectly grown organic food, clean water….you get the picture!

I mean, take the fish out of water: that unknown environment. Everything is different, everyday. You can’t help but grow and wonder and grow a bunch of gratitude.

The Balinese got it down pat when it comes to practicing gratitude in every day life. Offerings, praise and prayers. 

Life isn’t so much about getter richer, having bigger houses and a fancier ride, it is more about becoming a better human being! It’s about community. After all, it does take a village, doesn’t it?

Reciprocity is a big part of life on the island of Gods.

Life shows up in a whole different way when you live life that way.

Every day, one of the resorts employees, Juni, leaves a fresh offering at our doorstep.

It represents her gratitude for us being here and therefore helping to her feed herself and her family.

I feel extremely humbled to be able to spend time here with my family.

Here is to the simple life, to chasing sunsets and climbing mountains. To loving life moment by moment and growing stronger wings and braver hearts!

Namaste 🙏🏼 

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