The moment you arrive on this beautiful island you sence that you’ve stepped into a world of wonder, mysticism and magic. 

Bali is very sacred spiritually, globally, energetically. It is palpable. Everywhere. 

Sweet inscence mixed with different smells of street food, fragrant plumeria flowers laying at your feet and the view of seemingly endless ricefields are just some of the first captured impressions.

But…..don’t be mistaken: although Bali is a tourist hub for travelers from all over the world and I’m sure that the Balinese are profiting from the increased visitors, it is still a very poor Island and one of the poorest part of South East Asia. That is just one of the reasons I can’t yet quite fathom the unconditionally kindness and care you are met with here. 

The smallest children with the biggest smiles, the elderly walking slowing and carefully nodding as you walk or ride by. 

Our resort staff is the reason that makes this Place so special. Here at Sahaja Sawah everyone is family. It’s also a non profit resort, where everything goes back to the people and the village.

You immediately feel like you are held and supported in whatever you do. 

Yet, my mind is in constant flux. I’m questioning and trying to analyze my experience so far and to put things into categories and boxes that simply don’t fit. To keep it simple and short: my conditioned western mind is in full force. 

It’s a big lesson on surrender. We as a culture are so used to always keeping busy and being stressed has become our second skin.

Whoa, does it ever become apparent here. 

Bali is known to bring it all out: the good, the bad, the ugly.

If you want to learn how to embrace all contrast without judging every move your mind makes while mastering your scooter skills (yes this deserves mentioning), then come and spend time on Bali!

Aside from that I’ve learned that peppermint oil works it’s magic to keep cochroaches out, lavender oil cures itchy insect bites and lizards in the villa are a very good thing. I’ve also let go when a bat made it into our bedroom.

The daily rain that has caused a bit of cabin fever is teaching us all to let go and surrender to Bali time. It’s ok not to always have a plan or even the slightest idea of how we will spend the day.

The deep practice of gratitude, praise and prayer is something that is deeply touching my heart. The careful detail that is put into creating the daily offerings or Canang Sari as the locals call it is stirring all kinds of emotions. Here we learn to live with our hearts wide open, to measure time by the offerings that have been carefully placed at our feet, the temples and homes. Here we surrender to the seasons and the churning of the tides.  

Yes, Bali you’ve captured us.

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