Wow, what an adventure the last couple of days have been. Jam packed with exploration and adventures at Disney.  Little did we know what would expect us at Disney Sea.  

The constructions alone…wow just wow! Venice, New York, Cape Cod, Arabian Coast coupled with Mermaid Cove, Lost River Delta (think Indiana Jones tombs and temples) Mysterious Island and Port Discovery.

It reminded us of an extremely well executed Universal Studios and Disneyland. Combined.

Disneyland was very similar to Cali and Orlando and had all the trimmings of an awesome super kid oriented theme park.

Here Pooh’s Honey Hunt was our absolute favorite.

The parade at 2pm was super cool and a major hit with our little ones.

From a logistical point, it’s a good idea to purchase the tickets at your hotel, 7Eleven or other outlets. The lineups and prices are too much at the entrance.
The food is simply amazing. The quality and extraordinary presentation are one of a kind.

Popcorn in 6 flavors (we liked honey and milk chocolate the best), Mickey shaped egg yolks for your ramen or curry dishes, alien shaped mochi cakes, the list goes on.

On a personal note I felt quite a sensory overload visiting. The combo of sleep deprivation, heat and constant walking did it I think. 

I think it’s also worth mentioning that Tokyo Disney is not owed by Disney, but just licensed by Disney. Some of the merchandise, food and beverage and so different and are really catering to the Japanese market. I loved it. Quirky, fun, cool!

I so enjoyed people watching. It’s quite common for friends and partners to really go all out and get twinning into Disney themed outfits or full on Harakuja gear.

It’s a big deal, that Disney visit.

Having said all that I’m really looking forward to some upcoming downtime and relaxing. Yoga, time to meditate, balanced food and sleeping in past 4:30am…cringe.

As awesome as this is for the kiddos, they also need some chilling out. We have seen the first hand impact of overstimulation, the faces of confusion and tiredness. Having super sensitive kids comes with the responsibility to call it quits when it’s time. 

Pool day coming right up…

One thought on “Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea

  1. Just looking at what you did makes me want to sleep for a week. It’s unbelievable what they have done they brought Europe to Japan. Take care of yourself we miss and love you 😘


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