Yesterday I took the kids into one of our favorite spots close to home. 

We love Lighthouse Park for so many reasons: the trees, the stunning views, wildlife viewing, easy enough loops to explore with smaller kids and for us just a short 3 minutes away. It’s a sacred and special place that is a must for any nature lover.

We decided to build a small ceremonial offering to express our gratitude to the land, the people, the nurturing life that held us up close.

The kids decided which personal items they would include in the offering. 

Gemstones for protection, grounding and love.

Flower petals for sweetness resembling the nectar of life that flows through everything.

Sticks for strength and structure, keeping a sacred container in the world. Holding us close to the Devine. 

Sage and Tabacco as a sacred offering and to keep the space purified and clean.

The kids love taking part in sacred ceremonies and enjoy being part of something so important and special. This is one of the reasons we felt called to make Bali our first destination.

Well, one more sleep and we’re off…

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