This is it! We are officially packed and ready to go. 

Cleaners are on their way and all we need to do is to close our suitcases and head off into the sunset…. wait not so fast! It’s a bittersweet goodbye. 

Yes, we are super thrilled and excited to step out of our comfort zone and into adventure, but we’ll also miss this place, we’ll miss our family, friends and of course rainy but stunning Vancouver.

After all it’s one of the most beautiful cities on this planet. 

Ahhhh…embracing it all. The inner turmoil. The conversations. The buts and ifs. 

#suitcasespacked #herewecome #worldtravel #travelingfamily #worldtravel #schoolonthego #expand #riseup #readysetgo #letsdothis#consciousparenting 

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